Thursday, 21 January 2010

FLASH NEWS: For the first time, the Tejas LCA will be displayed during India's Republic Day march-past on 26th January!


Anonymous said...

Merely displayed or will it fly past the parade ?

Unknown said...

Thanks a very good news! It will inspire many.

Vijay said...

Ajai Sir,

Is it going to do a flypast?

Or, will it just be displayed on a vehicle?

What ever, it is its good news.

Anonymous said...


Let us show the Smaug our Elephant!

But wait... will that be a model made of cardboard or flying Tejas.

I will never excuse Babus and politicos if they roll out that stupid cardboard trolleys representing states.

Sandy said...

Shukla, thanks for sharing this news. Makes ones chest swell with pride regardless of all the negative news that one hears so often. I hope HAL Tejas takes on the mantle soon from the light-weight fighter of another era - HAL Gnat and earns its own sobriquet. Thanks once again! Jai Hind!

Nirav said...


Rahul Singh said...

Will it be a part of fly past or dummy on a tow truck? Please confirm.


Vinay Kumar P said...

Good news, it would be great day for the people who were involved in the development,to see there baby flying on a Republic Day Parade. Hope to see LCA being inducted into IAF in large numbers

vinayak shetti said...

Displayed or flown ? real Aircraft or a Model ?

the terminator said...

Hope the LCA display is an ariel one and not static on a truck.

The LCA should do more than just a flypast. It should showcase the ability of ADA, DRDO, HAL and other institutions in its development by doing at least a few aerobatic stunts to Indians and to the world at large.

It would really inspire the present and future generations to have faith in Indian capabilities.

Anonymous said...

Ajai ,

Since last couple of days , the LCA is making a lot of aerial passes , as if practicing moves for some aero-show
With this news from you , it seems we are going to see LCA flypast the rajpath this Rday

PS : 100m from HAL airport runway ( BLR )

Anonymous said...

Clap clap
The roar of Tejas over Rajpath.

Vijay said...

Ok, it will be a dummy. There will be no fly past read it on chinndits.

Broadsword said...

It will be what is called a mock-up. If it were flying past, it would have had to take part in all the rehearsals.

And since it seems like there will be no fly-past (fog is playing spoiler), a mock-up has a better chance of making it on parade!!

Broadsword said...

Sorry, I just assumed that people who visited this blog knew that a single-engined fighter was not permitted to participate in fly-pasts and aerobatics over Delhi.

Well, now you know!

Anonymous said...

Finally LCH will fly on 2nd Feb as per HAL Boss

Vijay said...

No sir!

I didn't know that!

Mostly because my Madarsa education didn't involve such details. :-)

Makes complete sense because I have never seen the Mirage-2000 or the Mig-21 Bison in a Repblic day fly past either.
I guess its for security purposes, because in a twin engined plane if an engine shuts down it can still fly with the other engine. A single engined, aerodynamically unstable plane will fall right out of the sky!

Thanks for the Info.

KR said...

Well then! Hope they rustle up a few bullock carts and pull the Tejas down Rajpath.

Vijay said...

Sir, about your last comment, that a single engined plane can't do a fly-past over rajpath. Do you mean that Tejas will not do a fly-past over Rajpath, ever?

Does that also mean that the Mig-21 Bison and the M2K will also not participate in the fly-past from now on?

When was this restiction placed?

Because there are pictures and videos of Mystere, Mirage and Mig-21 doing fly-past over Rajpath.

Please, explain.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

" Broadsword said...

Sorry, I just assumed that people who visited this blog knew that a single-engined fighter was not permitted to participate in fly-pasts and aerobatics over Delhi.

Well, now you know!

23 January 2010 13:03"

May be the folks visiting your blog are not that dumb to simply recall the past flyby`s of MIG-21 and every year aerobatic displays by surya kiran aerobatic team. I wonder if they got some virtual secondary engine display on the pilots hud :O

Robin said...


Single engined fighters have made flypasts over the Rajpath on a number of occasions. There are a number of pictures on the web showing that. I am surprised by your comment. If this is true, then it has to be a recent rule that most, including me, are definitely not aware of.

And though i cannot say for sure about the future, it will be slightly weird if India's own indigenous fighter is never allowed to be a part of the flypasts after it has gained operational clearance in 2010. The same would also apply to the MRCA if we buy a single engined one (After having spent $ 10-12 Billion)!!


Vijay said...

Anony of 25th Jan, I hope you are smart enough the realize that Kiran is not a FIGHTER aircraft.

But, my Question remains unanswered :-(

Anonymous said...

Please clear the doubts expressed here Ajai!!