Wednesday, 4 December 2013

All 45 naval vessels under construction are being made in India

Highlighting the navy’s commitment to indigenous defence production, the navy chief pointed out that all 45 ships and submarines being constructed for the navy are being built in Indian shipyards.

Describing indigenization efforts, Admiral Joshi said that indigenization was 100 per cent in the “float category” of construction (i.e. warship hulls).

In the “move category” (engine, transmission, generators, air conditioning), indigenization was “close to 50 per cent”.

However, in the “fight category” (weapons, sensors, radars, sonars) the navy has “a long way to go.”

Pointing out that this indigenization has been achieved in 60-70 years, starting from virtually a zero industrial base, the navy chief said “we have much to be proud about.”

He said, “We are in dialogue with private industry, DRDO… a lot of money has to be invested in R&D for developing world class systems at competitive prices.”


Anonymous said...

The true... Patriotic... wing... of armed forces...

victor raj said...

Please tell the same to our Air force.

Parthasarathi said...

Quote : In the “move category” (engine, transmission, generators, air conditioning), indigenization was “close to 50 per cent”. Unquote .
Sir, We can easily achieve 100 % self-reliance in this category ! We have the expertise. Examples,
1) Engine : Wartsila , Kirloskar and Catterpiler makes top class diesel engines in India. If they choose gas turbine then BHEL can make under license from GE. or Rolls Royce.
2) Transmission : "Shanti Gear" make best quality gear boxes in India and Navy is using them.
3) Generators : There are so many makes. Like Wartsila, Kirloskar, Caterpiller etc all are equally good.
4) Air conditioning : Voltas, Godrej, Kirloskar pneumatic to name a few.

Beside this Navy Chief did not mention the following,
1) Small boiler : Maker Thermax.
2) Electrical switch board : Maker L&T and ABB.
3) Pumps : Makers BE. pump , Kirloskar.
4) Electrical motors : Simens, ABB.
5) Control system : Honeywell India.
6) Air compressors : Kirloskar pneumatic.
7) Turbochargers : ABB. Baroda.

We may have to import only steering. Nothing else. Little pro activeness can solve this problem also.

Ahmad Kurniawan Siddik said...

visit from indonesian....

Anonymous said...


do you think that catterpillar, wartsila ar Indian companies ?

Having a presence does mean that they are Indian company...

Anonymous said...

Manufacture under license = not indigenous