Saturday, 27 August 2011

"Know your battleship" quiz: who can identify all the sensors and weapons on INS Satpura?

On the right is the Satpura at its launch in Mumbai last week. You are invited to identify its weapons and sensors fit... in the photos numbered from 1 to 6 below. Best answers win.

(Left) Photo No 1... and so on


joydeep ghosh said...

Ajai sir

i can recognize a few

photo 6: OTO Melara 76 mm gun.

photo 5: Elta EL/M-2221 radar.

photo 2: RBU 6000 ASW.


Joydeep Ghosh

Anonymous said...

prasun k sengupta can...

Saturn 5 said...

Photo 6: Oto Melara 76mm/62 Super Rapid in stealth housing

Photo 5:(Left) BEL shikari fire control radar
(Top) Bharat Electronics, EON-51 optronik director

(Middle) BEL Rashmi navigasyon radar

Photo 4: (Top) Top Plate (Fregat M2EM) 3D air/surface search radar

(Below) Bharat Electronics, EON-51 optronik director

Photo 3: (Front) BEL Aparna fire control radar

(Back)Antenna for the EW suite

Photo 2: RBU 6000 ASW rocket

Photo 1: (Right) Front Dome MR-90 fire control radar

Anonymous said...

anon@13.48 - brilliant answer. anyway the question was: "who can identify all the sensors and weapons on INS Satpura?"!! good one!!

Anonymous said...

Ajai, were you guys (the media) not allowed on board the Satpura ? I ask this question because you have not posted image of the 8 cell Klub VLS one of the main armaments on Satpura.

AMARDEEP said...

hello sir,

firstly its shivalik class ship

INS Satpura Mast
1 x ELTA EL/M 2238 STAR
2 x ELTA EL/M 2221 STGR
HUMSA (Hull Mounted Sonar Array)
ATAS/Thales Sintra towed array systems

RBU-6000 (RPK-8)
Otobreda 76 mm GUN


Anonymous said...

INS Satpura's chief designer can do that.

VJ said...

Can you spell out that for us?

Muniskas said...

2: RBU-6000 ASW
3: Aparna
4: Fregat
6: SRGM gun 76mm

A pic of Klub system would have been Nicer :D