Friday, 20 May 2011


An official photograph of Air Marshal Charlie Browne, who will head the Indian Air Force (IAF) from 1st August 2011. A veteran Jaguar pilot, Charlie Browne is reputed to be favourably disposed towards western equipment... in contrast to the IAF's so-called "Russian mafia", which believes that Russian fighters are the very, very best!

A copy of the MoD's official press release is pasted below for your consumption.


New Delhi: Vaisakha 30, 1933
May 20, 2011

Vice Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal NAK Browne will be the next Chief of Air Staff on the retirement of Air Chief Marshal PV Naik from government service on July 31, 2011.

Born in Allahabad on 15 December 1951, Air Marshal NAK Browne was commissioned into the Fighter stream of Indian Air Force on 24 June 1972. With about 3100 hours of flying to his credit, he has had a varied operational experience that included flying Hunters, all variants of MiG-21s, Jaguars and SU-30s.

An alumnus of National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune, he is a Fighter Combat Leader, who has also served as an instructor at the Tactics and Air Combat Development Establishment (TACDE) - a premiere flying establishment of the IAF and the Tri-services Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), Wellington.

A graduate of the Air Command and Staff College, Albama, USA, he had trained with the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the United Kingdom, on Jaguar aircraft and went on to command a Jaguar Squadron subsequently.

During his long and distinguished career spanning 38 years, he has held various operational and staff appointments that include - Joint Director at Air War Strategy Cell at Air Headquarters, Chief Operations Officer and Air Officer Commanding of a SU-30 base, Air-I at New Delhi based Western Air Command (WAC) and Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence) at Air Headquarters.

He was also responsible for establishing the Indian Defence Wing in Tel Aviv, Israel in April 1997 where he served as the Defence Attache till July 2000. From March 2007 to 31 May 2009 he functioned as the Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (DCAS) at Air Headquarters and was responsible for lAF's major Modernization Programmes.

Before taking over as the Vice Chief of the Air Staff (VCAS) at Air Headquarters on 01 January 2011, he was the AOC-in-C of Western Air Command, lAF's most vital operational Command. Under his command and personal supervision, the first ever landing of an AN-32 (fixed wing aircraft) took place at Nyoma, advance Landing Ground (ALG), located at an altitude of 13,300 feet on 18 September 2009.

Air Marshal Browne is recipient of Param Vishist Seva Medal (PVSM), Ati Vishist Seva Medal (AVSM), Vayu Sena Medal (VM) and is appointed as one of the Honorary ADCs to the President of India.

Married to Mrs Kiran Browne, they have a son, Omar, a fighter pilot in the IAF and a daughter Alisha, who is working with a multinational company.


Anonymous said...

Col Sahab...long time no blog. Just checking with you...probably out of awe for OBL, you might have visited Abbotabad.

Anonymous said...

Antony and Sonia's choice a fellow Christian pilot. Good going!

RAT said...


Broadsword said...


You are suggesting that Christians be eliminated from the IAF's top job because Sonia and Antony are of that faith?

Normally I wouldn't have posted a crappy, third-rate comment like yours, but it is sometimes useful to remind people that shit like you continues to float on the waters of everyday life.

the terminator said...

Anon 17.21
You are another idiot who sees everything in the myopic lens of religion and creed. What next? Caste? Man, just grow up. India is a secular country home to millions of Indians of different religious background. So long as they love India as their motherland and are patriotic to sacrifice their lives to safeguard its soverignity, no one should question their religion.

If a Muslim Indian can become the president of India, what is wrong in having a Christian Defence Minister or an Air Chief Marshal?

Anonymous said...

Excellent response, Colonel!

speciallov said...

to 'anonymous'of 20th may 2011 16:18, you are disgusting, and i hope you are young enough to change yourself.

Anonymous said...

Well said Ajay

Anonymous said...

To anonymous,

Even if Browne was choosen solely for being a Christian, that would be justifiable since he at least put his life on the line for the country.

A country filled with hypocrites like you who specialise in keyboard warfare.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very capable officer,from earlier news. Hope his term will bring more glory and efficiency to our forces.

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 17:21. I agree with Broadsword. You are indeed an epic piece of fecal matter. May your tribe face extinction ASAP.

Abid said...

Good saying Ajay Sir.
People in everyday life tend to see other's religious faith. Our new airchief has delivered a valued service to our nation, and indeed such people religion & faith is our respected Tricolor. He has risen to this honorable by his hard work & dedication.
There are some miserable creeps in our society who fail to recognize a soldier, and go by name/religious belief. I feel sorry for such sick minds.

Anonymous said...

Dear Col Shukla,

Please delete posts from the likes of Anonymous coward 17:21. We live, fight, and die as Indians, and we one and all, look out for everyone of us, including low life scum like Anonymous Coward.


Anonymous said...

Fitting response to coward Anonymous. I am not sure of relegious bent of this bugger but 1 true Indian of any faith is better then 1000 cowwardly Hindu of this kind. I am an Hindu of RSS kind. Thanks.

Heberian said...

Anonymous @ 17:21 -

You truly are a perfect example of the dregs of our society. Pathetic.

Litmus said...

long time, no new posts Ajay ji?! Is this the silence before the raging storm ??
Are you planning to come with a "Bang" with a story on AMCA and AURA??:)

Anonymous said...

All the pseudo seculars have hogged here to defend Charlie Browne from an equally idiotic comment by original anonymous.
However those who decry Religion and creed, ultimately decry themselves. Our identity is made up of our religion and creed. They are the most important constituents of Self that ultimately goes to make a nation. Not being proud of one's faith is equally dangerous as being a fanatic. Men without any religion or creed to belong to seldom become men of honour.

Anonymous said...

Well answered Colonel! Proud to have men like you defending our Flag.