Friday, 18 February 2011

Answer to the LCA identification Quiz

Not too many people got the answer right... for some reason, most seem to believe that it was the naval Tejas.

The correct answer: that aircraft is the LSP-7, nearing completion at HAL. The fighter will soon be handed over to the IAF (and later LSP-8 as well) for user evaluation.

The winner: Ramu, with his answer: "it must be either LSP7 or 8".


Anonymous said...

Ajay Sir, where is LSP 6???

Anonymous said...

But Anon@20:51,17 February 2011
unambiguously said its LSP-7,reading from the markings on the air intake guard on the port side !

Broadsword said...

Anonymous 16:54:

Firstly, Anon 20:51 misread what is written on the air intake guard. It says LSP-T.

Secondly, in an identification quiz, (mis)reading something written on the aircraft is morally questionable. Ramu stands as the winner!

Anonymous said...

Sir, what is the status of LSP-6, NAL Saras,

Thanks for stating the status of LSP-7, NP-1, LCH, LUH, Dhruv MK-III,

Sir if possible can u plz update the status of F-INSAS, Arjun MK-2, And K-15 missile test which was scheduled on jan 31....

Anonymous said...


When was this pic taken. Is it recent?
Any info on when will this fly or on what is the progress on lsp-8.

Anonymous said...

Could you please clarify what nearing completion means in terms of timelines, is it a month away or six months away