Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thanks from a Broadsword visitor to the Indian Navy

I received the following email from Bhushan Y Nigale of Bangalore. I've posted it on Broadsword because Mr Nigale's at least managed to write in his thanks. Thousands of others who the military helps have no way of expressing their gratitude.


Dated: 8th Oct 09

Dear Shri Shukla,

I read some of your posts on the Indian Navy on your blog and thought of narrating to you a recent incident involving the Indian Navy. I am trying to reach the Navy officers to formally express my thanks but have been unable to do so as I am not able to find the right feedback channel on the official websites.

On 2nd October 2009, my wife, our two year old daughter and me were traveling by our car from Panaji-Goa to Bangalore. At 7:30 am we passed the Argha gate of the Project Sea Bird, Indian Navy's base at Karwar. A group of protestorsgreeted us with stones and sticks. They were mostly villagers angry against the Navy for constructing a stone wall apparently blocking the flow of water to the sea. They had blocked the National Highway (NH 17), so we waited.

From 10:30 am onwards, the intensity of the rain increased, and by 11:30 am water was flooding our car. Holding my baby daugher, I jumped off the car, my wife followed. We waded a kilometer through navel-high water with the help of Navy Police personnel. They guided us to a shade.

The ferocity of rains increased even more, and a group of 200 civilians - passengers stuck on the highway and also the same protestors - were rescued by the Navy personnel and brought to the shade. We were drenched, heavy winds were blowing and we all were worried: there was no land in sight, the water level even in the shade was rising. The Navy personnel were very calm throughout and assuring us of support - an assurance that translated into action shwen they brought large containers of Khichadi and coffeee for us. I later learnt that the Navy police made food fo clsoe to 500 more peop-le stuck in the nearby village and transported it via boats on ths highway.

Above all, I want to mention with thanks the personal attention given by the staff towards our baby. Capt Sunder Lal, and on the next day - wer were at the Naval base for close to 30 hours - Lt. Dahiya brought milk for our baby specially from their homes. Sunder Lalji was a pillar of strength, masterminding the rescue operations, assuring us civilians of saftey. Lt Dahiya even tried to arrange a drop for us back to Goa. SUnder Lalji was intrumental in helping us find our car and then help us transport it on a truck back to Goa.

I felt a surge of pride when I saw our Navy personnel work very hard to go beyound thier call of duty and risk their lives to save us. I wallowed in happiness to know our country is secure in the hands of such committed and brave people. My heartfelt thanks to the Navy personnel!

Please mention this on your blog if you deem this story fit to bring to the notice of other people.

thanks and regards,

Bhushan Y. Nigale,
New Thippasandra,
Bangalore 75.


Raj Kumar said...

Well Done to the Navy. Generally in India the public servants never get the praise that is their due because of some bad indiviuals.

Indian! said...

I feel more proud being an India while reading this letter.

God bless Mr. Nigale and his family and all our men of Armed Forces who all the time keep their best and upto the their own lives to let us live in peace.

I wish I ever show my gratitude to them even once in my life.

God Bless India.

Ajai Sir you also deserve a spl. thanks for taking a step and publishing the article.

Venu said...

Wow! Very Proud of my Navy. Its not always their consciousness that motivates them, its also the organization they work for.

I would also like to Thank all our Armed forces for helping the civil administration in tackling the floods as well as maoists menace.

True knights are the one who not only protect their citizens from external enemies but also from internal issues. And our forces are proving that they are true knights.

Ok..thats very cinematic.Now, can someone explain me why my eyes are tearing and my heart is heavy?

Rishi Singh said...

W0W, selfless service as always.
Hail the Armed Forces Institutions !!

Sandy said...

Long live India! Long live Indian Navy! You made us proud.

I like IN many ways because of their indigenous programs.

Anonymous said...

Well done to highlight the human face of our defense forces. After all, they are ordinary people doing extra-ordinary work.

Anonymous said...

Jai Hind!

Anonymous said...

Nau Sena ki Jai Ho!
Thanks Mr Shukla for publishing the letter.

Anonymous said...

Very touching story. Jai Hind!!!

AK said...

Hope Indian politicians and babus can take some lesson from this incident.

Anonymous said...

Lots of thanks to Ajai Shukla for posting the letter here.

My thanks to personnel of the Armed forces for putting the civil administration to shame in the ongoing rescue/relief operations in Karnataka and AP. Thousands of people have been rescued by our soldiers from being swept away by the flood waters to certain death. There are a lot of untold stories and unsung heroes there.

Chaitanya S said...

I'd also like to add: heliborne rescue operations during floods are extremely difficult. The running water below presents serious orientation challenges for the pilot. He has to keep the aircraft stationary, bring the chopper very close to the ground, and has to make sure the rotors dont hit any tree branch or wire nearby. One mistake, it's all gone. But they do it successfully every single time.

Naveen said...

Let me congratulate you for posting this story and Thanks for Navy to providing selfless act. We appreciate all the work Navy is doing for Country.

Trip said...

Mr shulka and Mr. Nigale, thanks for brinig out some positive news. We need it.

SmarterOne said...

kudos to Ajaiji, Mr. Nigale & above all the IN. They are the only force (incl. IA & IAF) in the world which have a real humane character.
Prasun & Vincent take notice.

Bhushan said...

Dear Shri Shukla,
Thanks for posting my note.
To others who have commented: thanks for your kind wishes!

Roshan Unnikrishnan S said...

It's emotional to read such incidents; and that emotion comes out of the pride feeling that I have about the heroes that guard our nation. It also reminds me badly about how people fail to acknowledge the services of these heroes and some times go to the extend of ridiculing them.

Anonymous said...

Bhartiya Nau Sena ki Jai Ho!!!

Avinash said...

This incident has made me to feel more proud about our forces.

God bless Mr. Nigale and his family. I hope things are back to you normal for you guys now.

SmrutiRanjan said...

Well Done to IN. Thanks Ajay for put such nice things about our armed forces in your blog.

Arun said...

No praise is enough for the brave men of our armed forces. They are the true patriot and are always humane when dealing with general population.

I hope they can train and supervise our netas and babus on dispensing selfless service.

Jai Hind!

Sri said...


I really feel proud of the Indian Navy who take care of civilians.
and also feel proud to be an Indian..

Glad to hear that Mr.Bhushan and his family are safe and back to bangalore.

The blogs help us know what our defence forces do for the civilians which otherwise never comes out.


Sri said...


I really feel proud of the Indian Navy who take care of civilians.
and also feel proud to be an Indian..

Glad to hear that Mr.Bhushan and his family are safe and back to bangalore.

The blogs help us know what our defence forces do for the civilians which otherwise never comes out.


Anonymous said...

and now this...