Friday, 6 February 2009

What on earth is that aircraft?

HAL, Bangalore
6th Feb 09

Well folks, here I am back in HAL Bangalore. Lots of stuff seems to have transpired since I went to Arunachal last September.... all of that coming up on Broadsword over the next few days.

But while I go around the HAL  hangars, here's something for you all to chew on. What on earth is that aircraft... the one behind that sad old man.

One brownie point and two gold stars for all those who guess correctly!!


Anonymous said...

That's the weaponised version of HAL's Dhruv (aka Trishul?). Looks nice! What happened to your moustache?

Anonymous said...

ajai, that's a keeper !!

we missed you man !

and we will be waiting on your take on the current state of the LCA, lots of confusing info flying around.

cheers !

Anonymous said...

You have grayed a lot ajai,
looks like arunachal suits you, you have put on quite some weight. you might start giving shiv aroor competition if you go on like this ;D
see you at aero India

Anonymous said...

That is a WSI (Weapons System Integrated)Dhruv for the India Army.

Bhramastra said...
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Bhramastra said...

Thats WSI-Dhruv

I hope they unveil LCH at Aero India

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back to the real world :-)

Please post a picture of this golden leopard without that old man in fornt. Make it Several pictures, preferably a walk-around. Amazingly beautiful bird !

PS: You're looking macho without the Dadhi and Mooch . rotfl

Sparsh said...

Col. Shukla,

Welcome back!

If I may extend your offer: An extra brownie point for anyone who can explain whether the WSI-Dhruv in that picture is complete or not.

Anonymous said...

That Dhruv is not complete. You can see where the self defense equipment will be attached. The bump out over the flare launchers will recieve MAWS and RWR and bumps on the nose will get LWS and RWR as well, I believe.

Will the Dhruv-WSI get a DIRCM system?

smith said...

is it cheeta the weaponised ALH or the testing platform for LCH. which means we are going to miss the LCH for now atleast. also waiting for more info of HALs indigenious future programs and much more from you

Anonymous said...

Ajai, nice to see you back. What was the minimum temperature that you experienced in Arunachal?

Anonymous said...

The build quality on that helicopter is atrocious. You can even see the sloppy weld lines from a distance. Even the panels aren't even fit as tight as they should be.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the build quality looks bad.
1. Is this bird bulletproofed for crew safety? From the looks of the sliding pilot door glass it seems it is not. Bad idea.
Then it looks like this is an interim machine for HAL to test the features for the LCH - even though they are to be inducted in numbers.

2. How do they paint that leopard on the chopper. It is even on the glass window. Is it a sticker? How do they make it fit even on the flare dispenser and other outcroppings on the chopper? Shiv-ji Please Please, find this out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gosh! we are not selling that to LTTE? are we??

Anonymous said...

LTTE is TIGER, not cheetah. (DUH !) learn to see before you type.

Anonymous said...

any pic of LCH?? INS Shivalik???

Anonymous said...

Definitely that is a WSI DHRUV.

I think this black cameo is specially for operations in northern sector. But that lion is making me feel that it has been specially painted for Aero-Shows

Broadsword said...

Lots of gold stars and brownie points! That is indeed the Dhruv WSI, and it has been painted for Aero India 2009.

And as someone correctly pointed out, and as I've written earlier, the systems that will go onto the LCH are being evaluated on the Dhruv WSI.

Will post more pics starting tomorrow.

btw, can someone please post some links to articles written on the LCA while I was in Arunachal Pradesh. Have any pics been posted anywhere of an LCA with weapons loaded?

Thanks in advance. I haven't read a newspaper for some four months now.


Anonymous said...

this is from livefist, it shows with the regulation wingtip R-73s and drop tanks.
no weapons pic till date.

here are the links for recent news items:
credit for gathering goes to the folk @

highly recommended reading


Broadsword said...

Thanks for that, fighterclass.

Anonymous said...

Where are the hairs on the sad old man's face?

sumit khedkar said...

nice to see you back ..

Anonymous said...

all looks good except for the gun mounting. now wheres my prize for being the first person to answer correctly!!!???

Anonymous said...

looks like you got some good food at arunachal pradesh... you look fatter than what you used to be..

Anonymous said...

Why has HAL opted for the FLIR pod on the top of the nose unlike almost all the other helos. It just limits field of view (FOV). However the FLIR pod at the lower part of the nose could in theory give a 360 degree view. Hmmmmmmmmm....
Maybe the Canon or it's turret are coming in the way??
Any ideas if the LCH has the same arrangement as well.