Thursday, 15 January 2009

Back for Aero India 2009...

Belated new year greetings to visitors to Broadsword.

I apologise for the complete silence of the past four months or so, but Arunachal Pradesh is not the most "on-line" state in the union. During this period I have travelled extensively, especially along the Sino-Indian border in Arunachal, and interviewed hundreds of local people about how Indian frontier policy has played out in that state. All this, as I posted earlier, for an eventual book later this year.

This is just to inform bloggers that I intend to return to Delhi at the end of January and travel to Bangalore for Aero India 2009, from where I will be reporting and posting on Broadsword.

After that, it's back to Arunachal for another spell on the book.


Moneesh said...

Great to have you back!!!!!!!!

Sid said...

welcome back dude.

we missed our insider in LCA department :)

pranab said...

Hi shuklaji,
Plz post ur experiences in A.P upto now..
any memorable, interesting thing happened during these 4 months??

Broadsword said...

Pranab, It's been an enormously interesting and memorable four months. But I'm going to put my experiences and the fruits of my research (and equally my wife's) into a book that we hope will be published later this year. It will, hopefully, shed some more light on Arunachal Pradesh, the lead-up to 1962, and where we have gone thereafter. So bear with me until then.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ajai,

Good to hear your focussed attention on the 1962 conflict and Arunachal Pradesh.

Request you to lobby the govt to release the Henderson Bhagat report on the war to the public. Since it is of interest to you and you are in a position to influence public opinion, I think doing this will not be out of your way.


fighterclass said...

ajai good to see you back !
eagerly waiting for your book !
cheers !

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back Ajai.

Ankur said...

Hi Ajai. Your balanced insight was sorely missed during the Mumbai fiasco.

However, it is equally important to have a more comprehensive understanding of our future - that of relations with China.

Looking forward to your book.
It might also be really cool to get snippets of it now and again to whet appetites? Just a suggestion. :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back ajai shukla!!

hey on one note that prasun has vandalized ur blog. just open the comment form in the last topic and see.

look forward to your posts esp views on arunachalees on the cold war on that state

Anonymous said...

welcome back ajai shukla!!

hey on one note that prasun has vandalized ur blog. just open the comment form in the last topic and see.

look forward to your posts esp views on arunachalees on the cold war on that state

xerses said...

Does the Army have Depleted Uranium ammo for use in its armored corps? If so, are they of indigenous or foreign

Maximus said...

Yeah! i just accidentally clicked on the broadsword bookmark...and wolaaah!!

Good to hear from you after so long...hope you've been doing good in that cold.

fighterclass said...

xerxes, India uses titanium like germany does. it's made in India.

xerses said...

Why does the Arjun persist with a rifled cannon when the smooth-bore gun has been universally adopted, with Britain testing the rheinmetall 120mm L55 gun to eventually replace the excellent rifled one on the Challenger-2? Is the Arjun cannon an indigenous product? What is its caliber? What is the rationale for the transition from rifled to smooth-bore?

Pranab said...

Hi shuklaji,
We all are looking forward for that book.
Hope you will shed light on the complex issues dogging A.P and the other 6 sister states.
That part has been largely ignored until now and we are seeing the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait that long for the book :-) Good luck and Godspeed.

Anand said...

Dear Mr Shukla, Its great to hear from you after such a long time. And I am as thrilled as everybody else to hear about your return to active blogging again. Regards

fighterclass said...

xerxes, rifled cannon is necessary for firing HESH (high explosive squash head) rounds which IA uses to blow up bunkers. clearly, kinetic rounds like APFSDS can't do the job.

the rifled bore was a specific IA requirement and the gun was indegenously designed and manufactured. it's accuracy is phenomenal.

check some of ajai's older entries on this blog itself, you'll understand.

Anonymous said...

A for Ajay
A for Armour
A for Arunachal
Why does the cavalry have this fascination for the mountains? I wonder

smith said...

welcome back sir,

I am eager to know the current situation of that part of our country. Also about its past and present and the future. The wars we fought with internal and external enimies, the moral of our soldiers their skills, equipments, traning and much more........

also i am eager to learn more on the 1962 debacle.

i was also missing to know your views on Mumbai fiasco. who is to blame for the situation, the neighbours, the politicians or we the people who forget to question our governments for our own issues which we can see and neglect them instead of raising those issue.

Kalash Udapure said...

Hi Ajay,

I shall meet you at the Aero India show on 12th. I will find you!


Xerses said...

Could you explain why a HESH round is incompatible with a smooth-
bore gun? Is the inner-barrel rifling the only differential variable between a rifled and a smooth-bore gun?

Anonymous said...

Could anyone tell me what happened to INS Shivalik?

fighterclass said...

xerxes, the reason is accuracy. HESH requires slow speed to be effective(other effects) which means that only spin can give it the requisite accuracy.

Anonymous said...


pls read: