Monday, 30 June 2008

Dhruv cockpit: more pictures


Anonymous said...

awesome pics.. the cockpit looks too good..

Anonymous said...

The cockpit with those display screens looks awesome..i am embarrassed 2 comment coz i havnt seen a real thing close up. that's why anon..

Anonymous said...

Are those pics taken with your camera ? If yes, throw that Olympus SP 550UZ camera and buy a Canon Powershot S5 (S3 is much better but not avail in market) which has image stabilization. Some of your pics are not viewable because of camera shakes.

Ajai said...

Anonymous, I'm not a photographer... I'm a journalist and an analyst. Any photos you get are bonus.

If you're really keen on photos taken with a Canon Powershot, mail me one at: NDTV, Archana Complex, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi - 110004.

And since you seem to be posting from the US, don't forget to add "India".

fighterclass said...

ajai, could you glean some info about
the status of the abhay IFV ?

it is a very interesting project, but not much info is in public domain.

please, try and be the first off the block !

left wing nut job said...

Congrats on getting these pics Ajai and more importantly, sharing them with us plebes.

Anonymous said...

cockpit looks slightly different from the layout back in 2005 Paris arishow. The row below the 4large MFD's had only two analog dials & a small MFD..

Now the small MFD is gone and 2-3additonal analog dials..

compare with this